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Volunteers and Work Groups

Each year we are blessed with many volunteers and work groups who make our business their business and support us in many different work areas and in many different ways. We need volunteers, but more importantly, they are a big inspiration to us.

Neighbors, IBM employees, Christian school students, retired friends and many others who are all very busy still find time to devote time to Ironwood. We sincerely appreciate each and every one of these wonderful people. God has blessed us with your friendship.

Fill out a Volunteer Form "Helping Hands or Hearts to Give Form "

Click here for more volunteer information details!!

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Call 507-533-4315

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  Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch is located in Stewartville, MN.
For more information, please call 507-533-4315.
ISCR is a non-profit, non-denominational camp founded in 1976.

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