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Sleigh Rides


'Tis the season for winter fun! Book a private sleigh ride for your company's winter party or your family Christmas. A ride through the woods and along the Root River is a memorable experience. We will provide quilts to keep you warm! You may also consider renting one of Ironwood's meeting spaces for fellowship before or after the ride. Call the arena at 507-533-9933 to book a private sleigh ride.

New this year... open sleigh rides are available for online sign-up on an individual basis! Check the calendar below to book individually on the 2nd and 4th Saturday mornings leaving Castner Riding Arena promptly at 11:00 am. Please arrive 15 minutes early! These open rides are bookable online for $15 per person (children 3 and under free). Please check online the morning of your ride for possible cancellation. Rides are subject to cancellation if less than 4 people have reserved, temperatures have fallen below zero (including wind chill) or icy conditions. Any cancellations made by ISCR due to temperature, ice or minimum requirement will be refunded or can be rescheduled by contacting the barn at 507-533-9933.

Sleigh rides are one hour long, including time for loading and instructions. The reservation can be split into two shorter rides if arranged in advance. The sleigh will hold a maximum of 20 people at one time. More than 20 people in your group? Great! We can do more than one ride to accommodate groups of all sizes. While one group is enjoying the sleigh ride, the rest of the group can stay warm and cozy next to the camp fire. For the safety of all the participants, the horses and the equipment...the size of the group cannot exceed twenty.

Why is this important?

The Horses. Similar to people, horses have a certain amount of weight that they can carry or pull without injury. Overloading the sleigh could cause permanent damage to the horses. The Lord has blessed us with a wonderful team of horses. It is our responsibility to keep the herd healthy and to be good stewards of what the Lord has given us.

The Equipment
. The sleigh is built to hold a certain amount of weight. Overloading the sleight is not safe for participants or the horses.


Sleigh Ride
Daytime rides (4 p.m. or earlier) Monday through Saturday: $130
Evening rides (5 p.m. or later) Monday through Saturday: $160
Sunday rides (day or evening): $160  

Cutter Ride
Looking for a romantic, 2-person ride through the woods? Book a cutter ride!
30 minute ride: $80 

Liability release forms must be signed by all participants prior to ride. Click on the link below to print and sign prior to arrival to decrease the wait time prior to your sleigh ride adventure!

Ironwood Activity Liability Release Form 

Call 507-533-9933 to schedule your ride today!